Constitution Class - June 26th

Belleporte Institute Press Release

June 6, 2010


Joseph Kexel
(262) 694-7746
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Belleporte Institute Sponsors Constitution Class
The Belleporte Institute, a local think tank, is sponsoring a class on the US Constitution on Saturday June 26th at 10am. The class will cover the sovereignty of the states.
Kenosha, WI, – Joseph Kexel, president of the Belleporte Institute, is happy to announce that the institute will be sponsoring a class on the US Constitution on Saturday, June 26th. “I am excited we get to take the reins of this project.”, said Kexel.

Kexel continued, “The original class was offered by a group I am affiliated with, The Ron Paul Guardians of the Constitution. That group is actually an online meetup group that was originally founded to support Ron Paul in his presidential bid of 2008. With Ron Paul not ruling out another run for President in 2012, it was felt the group could not keep up both the classes and potential campaign activities. The Belleporte Institute is an organization founded to educate people on important political issues. It seemed obvious for the institute to take up this program of Constitution classes.”

“We were surprised at the high level of interest in the topic, especially with the limited marketing the meetup group provided to the first class. This class will be a different one, this one is about state sovereignty and what the Constitution says about it. We expect another good turn out since we had quite a few people who could not make the first class that have already confirmed their place at this one.” Kexel said.

The class will be conducted by George Meyers of Racine, Wisconsin. The class will be done using the Socratic method of instruction. The method is where the students respond to specific questions which unlock the truth from the materials provided. The class will use the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, relevant portions of the Federalist papers and a dictionary from the time period the Constitution was written as source materials. The program is expected to last approximately 2 hours. Meyers said, “People will need to bring their thinking caps to this class. This is not a boring lecture, you are encouraged to participate in the process of discovery.”

Kexel affirmed, “That first class was really amazing. When George got to the end, people were very excited with what they had learned. I feel the impact came directly from the students having revealed the information to themselves in the process of the class. It was not dictated to them, they found it. It makes that knowledge a permanent part of them.”

The Constitution class will be held June 26th at 10am at a Perkins Restaurant in Racine (Washington Ave and Ohio). The Belleporte Institute is requesting people contact them by phone, 262-287-0036 or by email, infoatbelleporte [dot] org to register for the class. Kexel said, “The class is free, but we need to make sure we have a venue large enough for the class. We were caught off guard by the response we had with the first class. With the great interest in the Constitution today, it is a great time to be an American. Please, join us June 26th.”

About the Belleporte Institute
The Belleporte Institute was founded in 2006 as a liberty centered educational think tank serving the southeast Wisconsin area.

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